Contact list, subscriber lists or simply lists are the commonly used terms in digital communication, customer relationship management and instant messaging industry. Contact lists are used to store and manage contacts information. In SMSstream, new lists are easy to create and convenient to use.These newly created contact lists will later be used to add necessary contact details like mobile number, and also the additional contact details like Personal Information (First Name, Last Name etc.), Geo Specific Information (Country, City etc.), demographic and other details.

Let’s learn how the process works.

Main Navigation -> Lists -> My Lists

The page where you land after clicking My Lists from the main navigation will provide you information about already available lists in your account. But if you don’t have any lists created yet, you will find View Lists table empty. So the first step of the process is that you should setup few lists to populate the View Lists table.

Add/Create a List 

The title bar of View Lists table holds a button “Add a List”, click to proceed to the page where you will be able to add a new list with all necessary details.

Mandatory Fields/Selections

Fields that are mandatory to fill are marked with an asterisks, and are discussed in the following area.

List Name

Name of the contact list (e.g. Holiday Promotions). This is the only field mandatory field on Add Contact page, rest of the selections/fields are optional. Just providing a List Name and saving your preference would add a contact list with a default data field to add the contact mobile number only, in order to store more information of the contact, following are the possibilities.

Optional Fields/Selections

These are the optional fields/selections that you can use or even ignore.

Additional Fields

Application has incorporated some of the largely used data fields into its default structure. These are more likely to be the First Name, Last Name, Country, City and such, to store some general information of the contacts to the lists you create. To select one of these fields for the list  you are adding, tick the checkbox alongside the name of desired additional field, or keep it unchecked if you don’t want to use certain field.

Custom Fields

Apart from the readily available  additional fields to input contact’s details, you can store even more information by using Custom Fields. Unlike default mobile number field and additional fields, required custom field first needs to be created using “Custom Field” function. If you already have setup few custom fields, you will have the ability to select the desired one for the new list you are adding. Area for the custom field selection appears underneath “Additional Field” box.

Create Custom Fields

Saving List Details

Throughout the application, you will be having more than a few options to complete any process and saving your preferences/details. Here is how each one of them will work.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at. Following message will appear on your screen upon saving the contact details successfully.

Record has successfully been saved.
Save Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

View Lists

As you now have added few lists in the system, the View Lists table will populate records and will show the information relevant to the available contact lists. It isn’t limited to only view valuable information with regard to the available lists within an account, but also enables performing couple of swift actions with an ability to start important process of list validation. Before we move on to discuss the columns of the View all Lists table, let’s first discuss the integrated list validation feature and how it works.

List Validation
Note: Note: Client account will only be able to use validation, when it is enabled for the account he/she has subscribed to. If due to some reason admin has disabled the validation module, client account will not be able to use the validation and the columns related to validation will also not appear. So the validation specific information is only relevant for you if your account is enabled for validation.

Integrated list validation feature scans through the contacts in the list selected for the validation to identify the wireless operator/mobile network of the number (e.g. Vodafone, T-Mobile, Etisalat etc.) and country which the contact’s network belongs to. Apart from this, the application also keeps the capability to appropriately identify number portability and roaming to give you most accurate information about the destination network. In case of being not able to validate the number, system marks the number as “Rejected” and upon rejection, it gives precise reason of rejection. All this information is populated on “View all Contacts” page with every number that was being processed for the validation.

View all Contacts

Validation Statuses

Validation Required

The status will appear for the specific list that hasn’t been processed for the validation yet. All the contacts within the list(s) with this status will have the contacts not being processed for Validation. Every status that appears in “Validation Column” also serves as a button that kick starts validation process upon hitting. The process of Validation doesn’t start automatically unless you make your choice by clicking the status button.

Note: Make sure that validation is a paid service and will be charged as per the contacts in the list. Upon hover, you will be able to see per contact validation cost.
Partially Validated

The list that has some validated contact entries while some of the contacts are not processed through validation. Even if one such contact exists in the list with large amount of validated contacts, the status will still appear as “Partially Validated”. If you want to validate the remaining contacts in specific list with partially validated status, click to start validation process of the remaining contacts.


The status appears after the system successfully runs the validation process across all the contacts within specific list. In result of the process, some of the contacts are marked as validated and some are rejected due to some potential delivery error in the number.  After validation process successfully runs through across all the contacts within the list, its status automatically turns as “Validated”.

View Lists Table

So here is the information that the View Lists table will provide, and as earlier mentioned, columns related to validation are only applicable for the validation enabled accounts.


A Unique ID has been given to every record in the table.

List Name

Each row of this column shows a list name and the rows next to this show other relevant information with regard to the specific list.


If your account isn’t enabled for the validation, this will simply be a counter of total number of contacts. That you can also click to view the contact details of the particular list. However, if the validation is enabled, the row under this column will appear differently.

You will be able to see different counters separated by box brackets. When hover any of these counters, you will get to know what specific counter is all about? Here is what these counters show, from the left to the right.

[Total Contacts]- First counter shows the total number of contacts in this list.

[Accepted: Rejected]- Second box bracket has two counters separated by a colon. Counter before the colon shows number of contacts accepted as valid as result of validation process, and the counter after the colon shows the number of contacts rejected due to some potential delivery error. System prevents sending SMS to the contacts with rejected in Validation Process.

[Unprocessed] The counter shows the number of contacts remaining to process through validation in the specific list.

So from right to left it is what the formation of the counter revealing.

[Total Contacts][Accepted: Rejected][Unprocessed]


It shows whether the contact is Active, Inactive or Blocked. Blocked lists show that the admin has forcibly blocked specific list of your account due to some policy violation. You will not be able to use the lists with Blocked status.

Validation Status

Status value of the list as “Validated”, “Partially Validated” or “Validation Required”. All these statuses have already been discussed above in this article. ( Only appears if validation is enabled)

Created On

The precise date and time of when this list was created.


Under the last column towards the extreme right of the table, there are several quick actions that you can opt to perform. Following are the details of these actions.

Add Subscriber

Click to add contact details in the specific list

Edit List

You will be able to Edit the list details by clicking “Edit”.

Import Contacts

It will take you directly to “Import Contacts” page having the specific list selected, where you will be able to select the file and import contact to this specific list.

Copy List Details

Click to create a copy of the specific list. It will copy all the details and preferences of the original list by just adding an incremental value in the list name to help you identify the list, e.g. copy of Dummy List will be Dummy List 1.

Export to . CSV

Get the contact details of this list exported to your system storage in .CSV format.

Split List

Explore couple of options to split specific list and contacts within it.

1)      Number of Contacts per List

Select this option and put forward number of contacts that you want to keep in each new fragment that will be created. For example, if the original list (Before Split) consists of 90 contacts and you select this option by putting forward 30 contacts in each list; it will eventually create 2 more lists with 30 contacts in each fragment, and will keep 30 records in original list.

2)      Number of Contact List

This option will equally divide number of contacts in the original list (Before Split) on the number of contact list that you will put forward to create. If above mentioned example of 90 contacts applies to this case, by putting forward 2 as value of Number of Contact Lists, it will divide 90 contacts on available number of lists and will adjust 30 contacts in each list.

Delete (One List)

Click to delete specific list from the system, you can also select multiple list in one go by selecting the checkbox with the serial number of the list.

Bulk Delete

Apart from the above mentioned action to delete particular contact list, there are couple of more possibilities that you can explore. Towards the bottom of the table there is a dropdown with following two actions.

Delete Selected Lists

You can see a checkbox along with every record in the table that you can use to select multiple records from the table. After selecting multiple lists, you can opt to delete all these selected list by opting for this option.

Delete Contacts within List

If you want to keep the list details but no longer wants to keep the contacts within, select this option and the contacts within the selected list(s) will be removed but the list will stay.


On top of View all Lists table, you will see two filters with dropdowns that offer couple of options to filter out the records.

Filter by Status

This will offer you the ability to filter the View all List table by the Status of contact, as Active or Inactive. Upon selecting Active, the table will filter out records and will show you the contacts with Active status only, same happens for the inactive.

Filter by Validation Status
Note: Only appears if validation is enabled for the account.

Get the table filtered by selecting one of the Validation Statues from the dropdown. Selecting the first one “Validated” will filter the table and show you the list(s) only with status as “Validated”. If you are looking to view the list(s) that you haven’t processed for validation, you can filter by “Validation Required” status, and if you are looking to view the list(s) with partially validated contacts, select the status “Partially Validated”.


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