When you create a list, basic field to store contact mobile number is added with the list by default. If you are looking to store some extra information about the contact, there are system provided additional fields available for you to use. And if you have even more information to add with regard to the contacts in your list, custom fields can help you create as many fields as you need. It can be the contact’s Company Name or Gender etc. Having information stored in the custom fields will give the ability to create dynamically driven personalized content.  The fields that you manually create within your account to attach with specific list are known as Custom Fields. Following area discusses how you create and use these fields.

Navigate to Create Custom Fields

Main Navigation-> My Lists -> Custom Fields

The opening page has a table that will populate all the custom fields that you will created. But when you don’t have any custom field, the table will remain empty. The first step is therefore will be creating of a custom field. Click “Add a Custom Field” from the top of the table to create one.

Mandatory Fields/Selections

The page opens up a simple form with simple text fields, dropdown option and checkbox selection. Let’s learn what are the fields/selections mandatory for creating a custom field.


Name this field according to the nature of information you would be storing in this field. E.g. Gender, Company etc.

Field Type

hat type of field will it be? Is it going to be a field with dropdown option? Or Radio Button suits better? Select the preferred type and move forward.


Choose one of the two options. If you select “Yes” it will mark this field mandatory to fill while adding contact details into a specific list that holds this field, and if you select this option as “No”, you will then be able to add contact details even without providing the value in this specific field.

Contact List

Select one or more contact list to add this custom field to the selected list. Another way of adding this field to specific list is that after you have saved the custom field, visit “View all Lists” page, edit the list and you will see this custom field will start appearing under Custom Fields area on the right side of your screen of Create List page.

Optional Fields/Selections

Field Order

It marks the sequence of this field to appear on Add Contact page. You need to define the position in numbers (e.g. 1 or 2). As this field is optional and if you leave it empty, the field will automatically be pushed to first position on Add Contact page.


Saving Custom Field Details

Select one of the appropriate options between Save & Exit and Save & Add Another to save custom field details.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at.

Save Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

View Custom Fields

View the list of all available custom fields with an ability to perform couple of useful actions. Following area discusses the columns of the View Custom Fields table, and the actions that you can perform.


Every custom field is saved with a unique ID


Shows the name that you have given to the specific custom field.


It shows the position where this custom field will appear in the sequence of custom fields on add contacts page.  If this column shows 0 it means that you left “Order” field empty while creating the custom field. And the custom fields with the order value as 0 will automatically be position on the top in the sequence.


Which type of custom field is this? Is it simple Text field, Radio Buttons or Dropdown option? Column appropriately displays the type of every field in the list.

No of Lists

Number of list(s) the specific custom field is added to.

Created On

The date when the custom field was first created on. The table is sequenced in ascending order by this date field.


Couple of actions that you can perform…


Click to edit details of specific custom field.


Clicking “Delete” will prompt a message on your screen confirming the option you have selected to delete the list. Confirming this message as OK will result in permanent deletion of the specific custom field.

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