Don’t Send to List is another name of suppression list that better conveys the purpose of suppression. You may have got annoyed recipients, have identified some numbers that no longer seem active or have unsubscribed from your list. The suppression list offers a best way to manage them instead of working around with multiple lists and scan through every contact to find and eliminate the unwanted ones. With this suppression list function, you can add all unwanted numbers to one place. Mobile numbers within suppression list will automatically be omitted while sending of the future short message broadcasts/campaigns.

Some more Information

Scope of Suppression

When you setup a suppression list, you will be having this option to either suppress the contacts globally or suppress the contacts for specific list only. No matter in which list the contact is placed, if it is suppressed globally no further messages will be sent to that contact. On the other hand, if you make your choice of  some particular list while setting up the list for suppression, the contacts will only be suppressed for that specific selected list, if the same contact exists in some other list, it will not be omitted while sending.

Some other numbers that the client account will not be able to send are the numbers that are being suppressed by the admin. There are possibilities that some numbers are suppressed by the admin, i.e. numbers that may belong to specific National Do Not Call List etc. This admin managed suppression list will automatically be applied to all the client accounts as well.

Adding Contacts to Suppression List

You are provided with more than one options of adding contacts to suppression list.

  • Upload and Import

If you are having large number of contacts to suppress, you can select the option to upload and import them to the suppression list. Choose the file from your computer that holds numbers for suppression, run the import process and have them added to the suppression list.

  • Select from Existing Files

If you have some of the files already uploaded to import_suppressed_files folder, you can simply select them to quickly add the contacts to the suppression list.

  • Manual Entry

And finally if you only have few contacts to add to the suppression list, you can choose the option “Line Separated Manual Entry” that will open up a text box for you to enter line separated numbers for suppression.

Navigate to setup Suppression List

Main Navigation-> My Lists -> Suppression List

Page opens up a form to setup your suppression list and add contacts into it. Form consists of simple text fields, file upload option and dropdown selections.

Mandatory fields of the form are marked with asterisks.

Each time you setup a list for suppressed contacts, you will be asked to provide a label to attach with the contact or batch of contacts you are suppressing. On View Suppressed Contacts table, each contact is listed with this label.


The types have discussed in the area above under “Scope of Suppression”, make your preferred selection accordingly.

Add Numbers

How do you want to add contact numbers to this batch of suppression list? All possible options are discussed above under “Adding Contacts to Suppression List”


Upload the file of suppressed contacts if you have selected to import contacts from your computer (the first option), and if you already have uploaded some of the files in your import_suppressed_files dropdown will appear to select your file.

Add Numbers

This text box will appear only when you have opted to add contact numbers manually. You will add line separated numbers to add to the suppression list.

Click “Save” to start the process of adding numbers to the suppression list.

View Suppressed Contacts

A button on the title bar of the Suppress Mobile Number page will lead you to the page where you will be able to view all the numbers that have been suppressed so far. Following area discusses the information the each column of View Suppressed Contacts table reveal.


An identification number of the records in the table.

Mobile Number

Contact’s number that was being provided to add for suppression.

The label helps you identify specific set of suppressed contacts.

The rows under this column will show that if the contact is suppressed globally or suppressed for the specific list only.

Created Date

Date when the number was added to the suppression list.



Click if you want to remove specific number out of the suppression list.

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