Content is something that influences every other digital marketing channel including the text messages. SMS is quick amongst the other direct communication channels, where most of your messages are opened and read within the second of delivery. You can’t risk your chances of conversion by not sending right kind of content at right time by applying right kind of technique. Your SMS platform needs be loaded with all sorts of handy tools for text to subscribers campaign. For this specific article, we’ll concentrate on the topic of creating the content for the SMS campaigns, we call them broadcasts. So here is an account on the capabilities of the platform for content creation, planning and execution of the broadcasts.

Navigate to Create Email Campaign

Main Navigation-> Broadcasts -> Setup Broadcast

Broadcast Details

Almost all the fields and selections on this page are mandatory to fill with required information. Except for your choice to use the optional Additional and Custom Field Variables for adding dynamic values within the text of your broadcast. Following area discusses all the options/fields in detail.


Provide a name for your campaign in this field, e.g. Summer Discount etc. The name is used to identify this campaign among the list of other campaigns within your account. Your recipient will not be able to see this name, it is only used for internal reference.

Sender ID

A suggestion box holds all the Sender-IDs that has been approved for the account so far, you can select or more sender IDs by checking the tickboxes alongside the Sender IDs names. Selecting multiple Sender-IDs for one broadcast will result in the random rotation of Sender-IDs, while sending of the texts to the contacts of selected list.


Compose content for your text message. Include message variables anywhere in the content for improved subscriber engagement and better response rate.  Maximum length of one text message is 160 characters, exceeding from initial 160 character will start considering it as two messages for the next 160 characters count. Messages with more than allowed standard characters will automatically be concatenated on recipient’s side. An additional credit will be charged for every extra 160 characters.

Message Variables (Optional)

In your lists, each field may carry some contact’s information that can be used to create dynamically called variables. It can be the information within the admin provided additional fields, i.e. Country, First Name etc. Or variables can be made using the information within the custom created fields like Gender, Company Name or Destination of the contacts etc. This doesn’t take any technical effort to add these variations into your content;  Our application offers an easy way of creating more relevant and personalized content.  Followed by the image below, variables are discussed with more detail. Following image illustrates that “First Name” is being selected as a variable and added into the content area where it is required.

Using Additional Field Variables

The list includes additional data fields that the application provides as default choice to save additional contact information, these are largely used data fields such as Country, First or Last Name etc. When you click any of these additional field variables, you will see the name of the selected data field will start appearing within percentage sign. A largely used example of this can be the Name personalization, where each of your contact is addressed with his/her Name or First Name. To do this, you will just simply need to click “First Name” from the list of “Additional Field Variables”, a dynamic tag within percentage sign %%first_name%% will start appearing in your content area. Once you send this campaign to the contacts in your list, application will accurately call {{First Name}} value of each contact from the corresponding data field, and each contact will be addressed by his/her first name

Using Custom Field Variables

Your custom created data fields will appear in this list. If you haven’t created any Custom Field, nothing will appear in “Custom Field Variables” sections. The mechanism of working with Custom Field Variables is as similar as working with Additional Field Variables.

Note: Adding custom variables in your message will count the message length according to the character count of the information it eventually calls from the data field. Like “Stephen” as first name, and not according to the raw form of variable like %%first_name%%. So in case of using variables, length will vary message to message according to the characters of information it calls from the data field..

Sender ID

Similar to From Name in email, Sender ID represents the identity of the sender in SMS. Your text messages are appeared to come from a specific sender ID that you have set. If your Subscribed Plan includes setting up Masking/Sender IDs, then you need to first setup your Sender ID before creating the content of SMS campaign. If no Sender ID is setup, you can still create your campaign by selecting to send from the Default Sender ID set by the provider.

Learn More about Setting up Sender IDs

Saving Campaign Details

Choose one of the preferred options to save campaign details.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at.

Save Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

Navigate to View Broadcasts

Main Navigation->Broadcasts-> View Broadcasts

The table that opens after clicking View Broadcasts will show you the list of all available text broadcasts (Campaigns) within your account. Columns of “View Contacts” table are discussed as follows.


Following the pattern of all the View Tables across the platform, the table starts from an Identification number of records in the table.


Every row under this column represents a campaign with its name, rows next to this are showing other relevant information.

Sender ID

Sender-IDs selected to send this broadcast from..

Created On

Date when specific campaign was created and added to the system.


Couple of actions that you can perform to manage current list of broadcasts in your account.


Click to edit the campaign details. You can update the campaign name, preferred Sender ID, and the content body as well.


Click to delete specific broadcast.

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