After what to send, the next big decision is going to be when to send. If you have observed the better response rate of your subscriber at some specific day of the week and particular time of the day, you should schedule your text to subscribers accordingly. The level of that much precision can be achieved using seamlessly functioning feature of Schedule Broadcasts. Setup the campaign to start sending on immediate interval or conveniently schedule it to run on preset date & time using “Schedule Broadcast”.

Navigate to Schedule Broadcast

Main Navigation-> Broadcast -> Schedule Broadcast
Schedule Label (Simple Text Field)

In the queue of scheduled broadcasts, specific broadcast will appear with the label you provide in this field. Your recipient will not be able to see this label however, it is just for internal system reference.

Contact List Selection (Checkbox Selection)

All available contact lists will appear to make the selection. You can select one or multiple lists to send this broadcast to the contacts of the selected ones. To select multiple lists, tick the checkbox besides the name of the list.

Select Campaign (Dropdown Selection)

All of your composed SMS broadcasts are appearing in the dropdown for you to select one to send to the contacts of the list(s) selected above. If the selected broadcast carries an approved Sender ID, the will be sent from that specific sender ID. Otherwise, the default ID set by the provider will be used to send the campaign.

Sending Time Preferences

Once the initial steps of campaign and contact list selection are completed, you will now set the preferred time of your sending. You are being offered the following two options.

  • Send Now

If you want to send the broadcast right now without delaying it for the later date and time, select this option. Soon after the process of scheduling finishes and you have saved your preferences, application will start sending on the very next interval of cron.

  • Sender Later

Don’t want to broadcast now? You can put it off for the later date and time. Clicking this option will open two more boxes below to setup the convenient date and time of sending the broadcast. There is a simple calendar to setup the date, and time field to setup right time for the broadcast to execute.


Saving Details

Choose one of the preferred options to save scheduled details.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at.

Add Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

Navigate to View Scheduled Broadcasts

Main Navigation->Campaigns-> Scheduled Broadcasts

View the queue of scheduled campaigns by clicking “View Scheduled Campaigns” from the main navigation.  The table that opens offer valuable information with regard to the campaigns in the queue, and couple of actions that you can perform to manage the scheduled campaigns queue.


Refers to the Identification No of the records in the list.

Scheduled Label

During the process of scheduling the broadcast, schedule label was the first mandatory field that you filled in. Label helps identifying specific broadcast among the list of other broadcasts in the queue.

Current Status

The current status of your campaign, it will be in-process while the application is in the process of sending of the broadcast.  Finished, when application finished sending the broadcast you have scheduled. The status will remain “Scheduled” for the broadcast that you have set for the later date and time, until the scheduled time approaches and system starts sending . Paused is the status, when you have paused specific broadcast, and Resume when you Resume the campaign paused earlier.

Scheduled Time

Specific broadcast is scheduled to be sent on this date and time.

Activity Status

Status of the last updated activity

Total Time

Total amount of time consumed to complete the process of sending the specific SMS broadcast.


Total number contacts which the broadcast is scheduled for.


The system has processed these numbers of contacts out of the total scheduled. In normal circumstances system successfully processes all the contacts for which the broadcast is scheduled for, with exception of few cases like an error occurs on any stage of processing.


Number of contacts to which the broadcast was failed to get delivered.


Number of contacts to which the broadcast has successfully been sent.



Remove specific campaign from the queue of scheduled campaign by clicking cross icon.


The icon next to delete will pause the process of specific campaign upon clicking. The same icon will be replaced with Resume icon upon getting paused.


Click to Resume the campaign paused earlier.

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