Statistics and Sent Reports of message initiated through the Send Message API is maintained in a separate section altogether. You can interact with our platform using the API calls to send notifications, confirmation, reminders and other short business texts generated by your application/software. Unlike the Broadcasts Stats table that provides insights against certain broadcast scheduled from the system and sent to the contacts of specific selected list(s), the Transactional Stats table list every message being sent through the API call. Each time API request with valid parameters hits the API Endpoint, table of the transactional stats populates valuable information with regard to the activity being performed through the API.

Navigate to view Transactional Stats

Main Navigation-> Statistics -> Transactional Stats
ID A unique ID is assigned to every record.
Mobile Number API request was generated to send message to this specific mobile number. Mobile number is among the required parameters in order to submit a valid API request.
Sender ID It is again among the mandatory parameters to submit a valid API request. If you don’t have a Sender-ID approved yet, you can also use a Default set Sender ID for the parameter. If the primarily provided Sender-ID failed due to some error, system automatically shifts the Fallback Sender-ID.
Message This is the text message that was being submitted through the API request. Maximum length of one text message is 160 characters, exceeding from initial 160 character will start considering it as two messages for the next 160 characters count. Messages with more than allowed standard characters will automatically be concatenated on recipient’s side. An extra credit will be charged for every 160 characters.
Status What is the status of specific message after the system has attempted to send in result of a successfully receiving the API call. Status can be Delivered, Pending, Failed or Undefined depending on the gateway returned response about the delivery on specific number.
Status It gives you the status value linked with the response gateway has returned with, if the gateway has returned with successful response, it will give you status as “Sent”. With error responses, “Failed” will appear as status value.
Sending Time The message to the specific number in the row was processed exactly on the mentioned time.

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