Our platform offers scalable REST APIs to programmatically use our system to work with your application. To use any of the API from the API library, you need to first create an API token. The API token is used to authenticate the account on behalf of which the API request is being made. Using an invalid or wrong API token would end up on an authorization error.

Navigate to Create API Token

Main Navigation->Transactional -> API Token

The page you land on after clicking the API token from the main navigation will show you a list of existing API tokens generated through the account, if no API token has been created yet, create one by clicking the button towards the top left area of the tab “Create API Token”

Create API Token

There is a simple two field operations you need to perform to create a valid API token from your account. Following are both the fields, one is mandatory and the other is optional. Here are the details..

Password  (Mandatory)

The field is mandatory, and required correct password belonging to the account you are using.

IP Address (Optional)

If you want that your created API token only works for these limited number of IPs, provide each comma separated in this field. The option isn’t mandatory though, it just helps you take an additional security measure.

Generating Token

You can opt on of the following options to save your preferences.

Generate API Token

This will generate your API token according to the details you have provided and will redirect you to the previous API Tokens page where you will be able to see the existing API tokens.

Generate another Token

If you are looking to generate another token after this one, click this option, it will generate the current token according to your details and will refresh the page with empty fields to provide details of another API token.

Viewing the API Token

The main page with a table that lists all the existing API tokens in your account. Here are the provided details.


An ID has been assigned to every existing API token in the list

API Token

The API token string that you would copy from here and will be using to submit a valid API request. API requests with an API token or with an incorrect API token cannot be authorized and accepted.


If you have provided some IP addresses to hit the API from these restricted IPs only, then the rows under this column will show you the IP address. Otherwise the row will remain empty.


An API token doesn’t automatically expire, if you don’t want to keep some token, just use the “Delete” under “Actions” column to turn it inactive/delete.

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