Contact management is one of the most important aspects of relationship marketing and consumer communication using direct channels of communication like Email or Short Message Service (SMS). After you have successfully created few lists by adding all required and relevant fields, it is now time to look into the options of storing contact’s details. You have couple of options to choose when adding contact details to the selected list.

  • Quick Import Contact Details from a File
  • Adding Contact Details Manually

This particular article discusses the both ways of adding contact details.

Some More Information

Correct Number Format

Always put properly formatted number in Mobile Number field while adding contact details. The standard number format to add contact mobile number within your lists in SMSstream is as follows.

  • Country Code without using + (e.g. 44 for UK)
  • Mobile Network Prefix
  • Mobile Number

Example entry of a mobile number of US would look like, 1 (Country Code), Mobile Network Prefix (248) and Mobile Number (XXXXXXX) and here is how you would enter it without using spaces and special characters 1248XXXXXXX. Also see the following image describing a sample entry.

Autocorrect Function

Our SMS application scans through every number and autocorrects several mobile number slips. Like it automatically remove spaces, special characters and other increments in country code like 00 before the country code or + sign etc.  But it can only correct to some extent, if you have provided a number entirely in wrong format and provided an invalid number string, your attempt to send SMS on the number will end up being failed.

To keep your list clean always opt to validate the numbers in your list..

Additional & Custom Fields

Additional & Custom Fields to input additional contact details of subscriber will only appear upon selecting the lists that carry some of the additional or custom fields. Lists with no additional or custom field selected will only show up the basic form to input contact details.

Navigate to Add Subscribers Manually

Main Navigation-> Contacts -> Add Contacts

Mandatory Fields/Selections

The form to input the basic contact details consists of 2 mandatory. Contact List and Mobile number are the required information to add the contact details. Additional and Custom fields will appear on the right side of your screen.

Contact List

Select one of the available contact lists to add contact information. If the selected contact list is having some additional and custom fields added, these will start appear on the right side of your screen.

Mobile Number

Provide properly formatted mobile number of the contact. Mobile number format has earlier been discussed in this article.

Required Custom Field

If some custom field is selected as Required, it will be mandatory to provide information in that particular field also.

Optional Fields/Selections

If the list that you have selected to add contact information holds some additional fields, these will fall in the optional fields/selections category except for the custom fields that were made mandatory while creating.

Click to learn more about Custom Fields.

 Saving Contact Details

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at.

Save Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

Importing Contact Details

Contrary to the process of adding contact details manually one by one, importing offers a quick way to add contact details, where you don’t need to enter and insert contact details manually in the required fields.  Import function helps you import contact details from the file in your computer to the selected list in your account..

Before you Start

Before you start the process of importing the contact details, make sure that you have managed a file in your computer with correct extension acceptable for getting imported. Application accepts the import file in the following two formats. Therefore, the file with contact details has to be in one of the following formats; files with extensions other than the following will be rejected.

  • Comma Separated Value (.CSV)
  • Text (.txt)

Navigate to Import Contacts

Main Navigation-> Contacts ->Import Contacts
Import File

After you have got your .CSV or .txt file ready to import, let’s start the process of importing by clicking import contacts from main navigation. The process would take couple of steps to first import and then to insert the contact details in selected list. Let’s start from the first screen that appears after clicking Import Contacts from the main navigation.

The process would offer two options to choose one of them to select the file for importing. You can select a file from your computer to first upload and then to have it automatically imported by selecting the first option “Upload Now from Your System”.  Or can select one of the files that you already have uploaded to import_file folder through FTP. Selecting the latter option will open up an extra dropdown showing all the files available in import_file folder.

Let’s select one of the files from our system for now.

All the fields and selections are mandatory at the first step of the process.
Basic Details and Selections
  • Import File

Choose one of the preferred options from the available two in the dropdown. First option is to select a file from your system to upload and import, and the second option is to choose one of the already uploaded files exist in import_file folder. Above area has discussed this option in detail.

  • Select File

This field will behave dynamically as per your selection of import file. If you have selected to upload the file from your system, you will be provided with a Choose File option to choose import file. And the latter option will make it dropdown showing all the files available in import_file folder for you to select one for importing.

Upload Importing File from your System

Importing from Import_file folder

  • Contact List

All available contact lists appear in the dropdown to select and import the contact details to the selected list.

  • Headers Include

If first row of importing file contains column titles, then choose the option as “Yes”, otherwise the system will consider the titles such as Mobile Number, First Name to import them as value in the selected list. Choose the option as “No” if the first column isn’t the header and contains record value to import. Following image shows a sample .csv file that carries header row as titles of the columns, and during import, the option of Headers Included needs to be selected as “Yes”. It is how the system will recognize the first row as titles/labels/names of the columns and not as a record to import.

Sample .CSV file and Header’s Include Option

Once you are done with you selections, click “Import Contacts” to move to the next step.

Map the Fields

System reads the headers of your import file, and reveals the columns in your import files to map with correct database fields. The labels starting from the left side area of your screen shows the columns of importing file, while the dropdown options carry the data fields of your list. You need to appropriately match the importing file columns with the fields in your list to store right information in the right fields.  For example, information of the “City” in your file should be stored in the field of “City” within your list. See the following image.

Mapping Fields

Click “Next” to initiate importing


Upon clicking “Next” you will see the importing process starts on your screen. During this process, application will read the records in your file, imports the data after removing duplicate records if exist in your file.

Processing and Finalizing Import

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