Sender ID is the way you can use to send messages from your business, brand or company name. The practice is largely known as SMS Masking where you mask the originating source of message with your own brand or company name. The process sometime has negative connotations too i.e. SMS spoofing, whereas in legitimate business communication it is used as one of the most handy tools for subscriber engagement. Our platform offers a process well knitted, totally legitimate and transparent. A client account is required to request registration of Sender ID, by downloading Masking ID letter, get it filled and send the attested copy of this letter back on company’s letterhead.

Since facility of Masking/Sender ID is mobile operator dependent, therefore the Sender ID only appears on the mobile networks that support Masking. To use a sender ID of your choice, you need to first register for it, as you will only be able to use sender IDs after the admin approved it. Following area discusses the process of applying Sender ID.

Navigate to Register a Sender-ID

Main Navigation-> Sender ID-> Register a Sender-ID
Sender ID (Text Field)

Use the first field to type in the sender ID that you want to get register. It can be your company or brand name, product name or anything that your recipient can easily identify and relate with. You can apply alphabetic as well as alphanumeric sender ID starting from 3 minimum upto 11 max characters. You can use 0-9 numbers with combination of A-Z letters both upper and lower cases supported by spaces.


Use this text box to write a brief note about the sender ID that you are applying. The short note is for the reference of the admin to let him briefly know about the Sender ID, information like is this Sender ID is your main company name, brand name, an offer name or any product name under your product line etc.

Download Sample Masking Letter

There is a sample format of masking letter that you can download, by clicking on “Download Sample” on Register Sender ID page. If you want to use the sample letter, fill in with your company identity, attest with your stamp, get it scanned on your company’s letterhead, and upload the file by clicking the attachment.

Download Sample Masking Letter


Once you have a scanned copy of masking letter ready on your letterhead, upload the file from your computer to attach this letter with your Sender ID request. The file can be uploaded in one of the supported formats (‘doc’, ‘docx’, ‘png’, ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’ , ‘bmp’,).

Getting Ready to Register for a Sender-ID

Choose one of the preferred options to submit the sender ID details for admin approval.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will submit the sender ID details to the admin, and get you out of the process of applying sender ID.

Save & Add Another

This option will submit this sender ID for admin approval, and will automatically reopen the same page/process of applying the sender ID with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

My Sender-IDs

Navigate to View My Sender IDs

Main Navigation->Sender IDs->My Sender-IDs

The table that opens after clicking “My Sender-ID” shows the list of all currently available Sender IDs in your account. It also keeps you updated about the status of an ID that was requested for getting registered. Following area discusses the columns of the My Sender IDs table.


Refers to the serial number of records in this table.


Name of the Sender ID that you earlier have submitted to get it registered after the admin approval.


The attested document that you have attached while applying for the specific Sender ID. You can click the small Download icon to download the attached document.


The status value keeps you updated about the current status of the Sender-ID. As aforementioned in the opening paragraph, getting a sender ID registered is a process and it may take some time to finally get it approved for the client account to use it. In the meanwhile, different statuses will keep the client account updated. The administrator sets these status values to notify the client account about the current stage of specific Sender-ID. Here are these status values.

  • Under Review-When the sender id is first applied from the client side, its status will appear as under review. It means, the admin side will shortly review the Sender-ID and corresponding documents, and will take a further actions.
  • Under Process-After the admin review the applied Sender-ID and finds it appropriate to get it registered for the client account, the status would be updated to under process. It shows that the Sender-ID is being considered after the first review and now in process of getting registered.
  • Registered-It shows that the information that the Sender-ID and the information that was provided in support of the Sender-ID was accepted and successfully processed. Now the ID is registered and can be used for sending. You can only be able to select a Sender-ID with Registered status for sending.
  • Rejected-When particular Sender-ID is rejected due to some technical or non-compliance issue, admin will set this status to show the client.

Whenever a Sender ID is registered or rejected, a notification is fired to let you know that your sender ID is approved or rejected. You would receive an email notification also with some additional details describing the reasons of rejection.


You will get the chance to click Edit under actions to edit specific Sender-ID details.

Swift Functions

Register a Sender ID

Use the button towards the left corner of the view table to quickly apply a new sender ID. It will open up the Register Sender ID screen for you that you can use to apply a new sender ID.

Set Records Par Page

You have the ability to select number of records you want to view on one page of the view table. To customize the default records per page, use dropdown right underneath the Subject of Table.

Search Records

To Search specific records from the table, you can use the search box towards the top right side area of the table. Following image points out position of Records Per Page dropdown and Search Box to search specific record from the table.

Swift Functions

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